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New Release: Mercy Brown by Tiki Kos #MercyBrownRelease

Book Review: Mercy Brown: Part 1 by Tiki Kos

Did you know that Mercy Brown was an actual person? Her family had lived in Rhode Island, and several members had died of Tuberculosis. Mercy was one of them. Friends and family believed that an undead was plaguing the family. She was exhumed, and her body did not have the level of decay that the other family members did. Read about it here!

I was excited to read this story as the book synopsis sounds fascinating. Mercy lives in a small rundown town in Nevada. She can’t wait until high school is over when her and her best friend, Amanda, can move to Seattle. Mercy’s mother is dead, and her father has classic depression symptoms and is almost always drunk. Life looks like it is going to be the same as always until Sebastien and his family move to town. He is smitten with Mercy and tells her about the vampires. Can she stop them in time to save her town and family? You will have to read it to find out.

I gave this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tiki Kos writes in an easy to read, breezy style. For being a novella, Mercy and Amanda’s characters are fleshed out well. I feel empathy for Mercy. She is made fun of at school and has a lousy home life. Yet, she is tough enough to try to save Amanda and her town.

Kos does make some cracks at the sparkling vampires in Twilight. Don’t worry these vampires are not sparkly. It was brilliantly slipped into the dialogue.

The action is suspenseful and it really drew me in. There were fighting scenes, blood, and explosives. Kos does not disappoint when trying to save the ones you love from the blood sucking vamps.

Spoiler Alert! If you are going to read the book PLEASE STOP READING HERE!

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The one problem I had with the book is when Mercy took pictures and uploaded them online. It caused the vampires to lash out against humans and start a full scale war. Now does anyone else see a problem with this? Vampires are predators. They need human blood to survive. The ones in Twilight drank animal blood but not all vampires can or want to do that. There was only one vampire in this story drank animal blood. So if the vampires fight the humans and win, then the humans will be wiped out. If you follow logic, that means the vampires run out of food and then they die. That is why there is only a few mountain lions and lots of deer. There will be no balance if humanity is gone. But then again this is a vampire novella, and vampires aren’t real, right?

Thank you to the author for an ARC copy. This is my honest review.

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  1. I love vampire movies but for some reason I haven't been able to enjoy a vampire book. Glad you enjoyed this one, it sounds like a good read.

  2. Not my typical genre, but glad you enjoyed this 4 star read!

  3. Not my typical read but this sounds good.

  4. Sounds interesting. Something which would keep you hooked on for quiet a while :)

  5. Oh my, a tech savvy vamp - yikes!

  6. It makes perfect sense that vampires would stay up with technology especially as new vampires are made from this time period. I really appreciate the label for spoiler alert. I cheated and read it, but it won't stop me from reading the book.

  7. I haven't read many books about vamps lately but that quote about needing to hunt, lips and all that makes me want to give this one a go.

  8. Sounds good! Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Great review, I absolutely love vampires books and this one looks and sounds absolutely great and very intriguing. Thank you so much for your awesome post and putting this book on my radar.

  10. Great review! It's been awhile since I've read a vampire book. This one sounds intriguing.

  11. Great review. I like a good vampire book but I do get irritated when they take a dig at Twilight. Ok it's not like any other vampire book but look at it's success. This book does sound ok but parts of the plot don't hold up. I think I would give it a pass.

  12. Okay, I need to add this to my reading list right now! Vampires and a little interesting story behind the name of the main character? Yes, please!

  13. Lovely to read your thoughts. Looks interesting. Not read anything with vampires in for a long time.

  14. Not my typical read, but enjoyed the review. Also enjoyed your review of the logic.



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