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New Release!

🌹🌹🌹New Release!🌹🌹🌹

Do you remember the cover release a couple weeks ago?

Girl With A Good Book And Her Dog: Bloom Cover Release

Well, now it's out for sale!!!


Given to The Grimm Order as an infant, Fawn was raised in a world shaped by the rich and powerful. When she was sold at the age of nine to a Suitor, Fawn believed he would protect her from the “Mainworld”, where those who know nothing about the Order live. Living with the cruel man who bought her freedom, she finds just what the Order is about: money, control, and status for the Owner and humiliation and abuse for those they own. 
Unwilling to accept the expectations of being Owned, Fawn goes from golden girl to maid, content to live in the shadows of the Order as long as she isn’t Owned again.
It’s been ten years since she disgraced her former Owner’s name, and now the brooding Frenchman Elliot Lyon wants her. Master Lyon is kind, smart, and unlike any man she’s met. She doesn’t want to admit it to herself, but Fawn is drawn to him despite constantly planning her next escape. 
Even the prettiest flowers have thorns, and Master Lyon is hiding secrets that will uproot everything she thinks she knows about him.

Enter the Giveaway! HERE!

Author Bio: 
Nikki Rae is an independent author who lives in New Jersey. She explores human nature through fiction, concentrating on making the imaginary as real as possible. Her genres of choice are mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.

Find Bloom at Amazon or Goodreads

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Book Review: Reality Pact by Christy Marie

Get it at Amazon or check it out on GoodReads

In general, I don't watch reality TV shows. I am more of a NCIS type of girl. I could watch it all day long, and it doesn't matter if it the original, LA, or NO LA. But that is not what drew me to *Reality Pact*.

*Reality Pact* is about a journalist whose job is being downsized. She can't freelance as she has a noncompete in her contract. While she is waiting for the noncompete to run out, she is forced to take a job as an assistant producer on a reality show. It's not the job that she wanted. As she is on the set, all kinds of crazy things happen.

When I read the book synopsis, I thought that it would be a light, fun read. It was all that the synopsis promised it to be.

My favorite part of this book is the characters. Let's start with the protagonist, Rachel. She is just your girl next door that just wants to be chic. She gets screwed over by her contract when she gets laid off. She must take a job she doesn't like but tries to make the best of it. I can empathize with her. Who hasn't had their dreams sidelined? But when a door closes a window opens. You'll have to read the book to see how she copes. I am not going to spoil it for you!

Then there is Grandma. She is a little spitfire that keeps Rachel grounded. I love her. The author gave her a fun, quirky personality. It added another level of humor to the book. She reminded me of Stephanie Plum's Grandmother in Janet Evanovich's books.

Wyatt is the heart throb. He is an athlete but seems down to earth and sweet. We don't see a lot of him in this book, but maybe in the next? Just an FYI there is a sweet romance scene.

The character I love to hate is Fiona. The  author did a fantastic job making her to be a like a real reality star. Everytime she was in a scene I had anxiety over what she was going to do next.

The plot is cleverly written and moves at a quick pace. I was sad when the book end. It left me wanting for more! Needless to say, I can't wait for the next book.

I rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to the author for this book in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Update from Tank

Woof ya’ll,

Tank here. I have been very busy this past week, and I have not been very involved with my mom’s blog. Don’t get me wrong, I am still snuggling with her when she is reading. It is just that I have been falling asleep more than normal.

When I am not going to work with Allie, I am a professional napper. I nap on the couch, the bed, in my special spot, and anywhere on the floor. I usually get about 12-16 hours of napping in during the day. However  this week, I didn’t get in my full amount.

You see, last week Saturday, a friend gave us an orphaned calf. We call her Lola. She has been living in the bathroom, and I have been keeping an eye on her. She needed help eating and standing the first few days, but now she is doing great! As you can see, she’s cute. She will be going outside as soon as it stops raining, and then I can catch up on my ZZZ’s.

What I really wanted to tell you is that we are having a very exciting March planned. The theme is March Mystery Month. We will be covering all types of mysteries, cozy to thrillers. We have an author interview planned, a couple of guest bloggers, and some awesome reviews. If you are a blogger and want to do a guest post, just let us know. We would love to have you! If you are reading a mystery share it with us. We will be tagging with #MarchMystery.


 πŸΎ  Tank

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sparrow Squadron Release Day!

**Sparrow Squadron Release Date!**
Congrats to DL Jung on the release of his debut novel of Sparrow Squadron! Tank and I had reviewed it a couple weeks ago.

Check it out here:
Girl With A Good Book And Her Dog: Book Review: Sparrow Squadron

Did you know that *Sparrow Squadron* was based off of real Soviet women pilots? Pretty cool, huh. If you want to read about them,  go Here!

**Sparrow Squadron Blurb**

"There was a time when flying didn't mean looking over my shoulder for death coming at me."

World War II. June 1941. Hitler's war machine turns to the Soviet Union.
Escaping her hometown ahead of the Nazis, 16-year-old Aelya Makarova seizes a chance to live her dream. Obsessed with flying, she joins a women's fighter squadron to defend her homeland against the invaders. She'll go faster and higher than she's ever gone before.

But the harsh reality of Air Force life shatters her expectations and forces her to grow up fast. The squadron is split by petty rivalries, male pilots treat them like a joke, and the ideal country she thought she was fighting for doesn't really exist.
Finally given a chance to prove herself in battle, Aelya is pushed to breaking point. With all her talent, the help of her comrades, and a lot of luck, she might just make it through. But will there be anything left of her humanity?

With fast-paced action and a heart-rending mix of humour and tragedy, Sparrow Squadron is an adventure novel for young adults that brings an overlooked episode of history to life.

**DL Jung Author Bio**

DL Jung has been an enthusiastic student of history since grade school, when he spent lazy afternoons flipping through an old Encyclopedia Britannica set. He enjoys blogging about history and writing historical fiction. He also writes fantasy and horror fiction as Darius Jung.

Jung is married, with two children, and lives in Toronto, Canada. They are lucky enough to spend part of the time in New Zealand. Outside of writing, he has tried stints as an industrial engineer, a film and TV script supervisor, an IT consultant, a professional game show contestant, and a grossly under-qualified business wear model. Sparrow Squadron is his debut novel.
Check out his blog.

**Author Interview**
Questions about the book:

1. Where did you get the inspiration for the basis of this novel?
A long time ago, I happened upon the documentary "Wasps and Witches" on TV.
It tells the parallel story of the American Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP’s) of World War II and the female combat pilots fighting for the Soviet Union at the same time. I was particularly fascinated by the Soviet women, and read as much on them as I could. Until then, I had no idea that women had fought in combat during WWII, let alone flew fighters and bombers.
There's now been quite a bit of fiction and non-fiction written about the night bomber pilots, the "Night Witches," but very little about the fighter pilots. I thought that was a shame, so I decided to step into that gap. And so, many years later, Sparrow Squadron came into being.

2. Who was your favorite character to create?
My protagonist, Aelya, feels very much like my own child. But I loved letting loose on the "bad girl" Tonya, aka Honeybee. She doesn't really have a heart of gold, but there's a certain reasonable logic behind everything awful that she does and it was fun getting into that mindset.

3. How long did it take you to finish? Did you have any unexpected obstacles arise?
It probably took close to a year and a half, from the start of detailed outlining, to completely finishing all rounds of editing. Nothing really unexpected came up, as far as I can remember. I think I was very fortunate to have hit a point in my life where having small kids got into a nice routine, so I was able to plan my work around that.

4.  Did you have to cut out any material?
It was more a question of deciding to split up the novel. I’d originally thought of a single novel, but very early on, I knew it had to be multiple books because there was just too much material. So I didn’t end up needing to cut too much. I cut one section near the beginning, that builds up Aelya’s journey to joining the Air Force, because it just delays what you know will inevitably happen. I also cut some combat scenes later on. The spaces between combat, where relationships and personality conflicts truly come into play were much more important to the story.

5. How many unpublished/half finished works do you have? Do you have anything going to be published soon?
Sparrow Squadron is actually my third novel. My first is unworkable. My second is an epic fantasy that I want to publish once I’m done this trilogy, but I just happened to start “feeling” Sparrow Squadron, so I set it aside for now. I hope to have the sequel published in a year or so.

**Personal questions**

1.  When did you know that you wanted to write?
I always loved making up stories. Starting from when I was about nine or ten, I probably started making up fantasy stories based on the Fighting Fantasy books (remember those?), but I was far too embarrassed to share with anyone. I’d write ideas down in secret notebooks. I don’t think it was until university, when I was studying a very technical discipline and was dying for a creative outlet that I started seriously thinking about writing and sharing with people.

2. How much time/day do you spend writing?
Because of the full time job, it varies how much energy I’ll have left to write most days. But when I’m in a groove and things are not too draining at work, I can probably go for a solid four hours a day, at least.

3. Who's your favorite author? What's your favorite book?
This may seem odd, because neither their writing styles, nor the genres reflect most of what I write, but my favourite author is the horror writer Thomas Ligotti and my favourite book is Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum. Ligotti is such a master at creating a bleak and foreboding atmosphere with his words. I’d love to have that skill, but I’m content to simply be able to enjoy it. Foucault’s Pendulum is often described as a thinking person’s DaVinci Code, and I think it has a lot of the same appeal as that bestseller, except you get to feel snobby about it :-).

4. What's your favorite favorite color and why?
I can never remember if it’s actually a color or not, but I love gray. I just like the look of it. I’m sure that makes me sound like I have a dreary personality, but I’ll try to sound deep by saying it reflects my love of nuance in writing and my aversion to black and white situations in my work.

5. What do you do to get yourself in the creative mood to write?
Definitely music. I often have the same pick-me-up song that I use to start every writing session for several weeks on end. Then just a long playlist of music that I like. But at a certain stage, when I know my story better, I start to make a soundtrack, pretending that my novel has been adapted to a movie. I choose songs to be musical cues, either because of how they sound, the lyrics or the artist’s attitude. They often line up to specific scenes, so that often helps me bring it home.

6. Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

Tea. I hate the idea of drinking coffee, though I do love coffee-flavoured chocolate. My wife thinks that’s bizarre.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Endohuman: Love vs. Duty

A page-turning debut in the tradition of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, amped up and on steroids with some X-Files mystery, some Hitchcock suspense and countless plot twists and cliffhangers that will keep you guessing. And you'll still be wrong! 

*Currently being adapted into Movie Screenplay 

One of Wattpad's top read books in 2016, making it to Top 10 Charts in "Paranormal" and "Romance" Categories with over 300k reads! 

Book Synopsis: 
Endohumans are not destined for love.   It is against the Ancient Rules.   Eighteen- year - old Adam Vanolf is about to be one of the last known Endohumans left on Earth as his dying grandfather rushes to complete his training.  These superhuman hybrids descended from the ancient Greeks and Romans  live  concealed among us, sworn to protect mankind and safeguard an almost forgotten secret that is rooted back to the creation of man and the universe.   Alas, the life and path an Endohuman must follow is lonely and dangerous ,  especially for a teenager trying to unravel the mystery that his ancestry hides. Gods? Vampires? Werewolves? Fallen Angels? Or just the creation of an unstable mind?   An ancient evil is awakening and even though he doesn't   know it, the world needs Adam now more than ever. Yet Adam also needs love, so when he meets Evie, the girl of his dreams, a difficult choice must be made...

Amazon: Endohuman

Book Review:

I really enjoyed Nick Dream's  book, Endohuman: Love vs. Duty. It's about a teenage boy, named Adam, who just wants to kiss the girl of his dreams. Instead, he is trying to save the world. The book is well written. There are numerous plot twists that the I didn't  expect. It left me pondering about what is real and what is not in the story. It's hard to describe. I recommend reading it for yourself. I am excited for him to write the rest of the series to see how Adam figures out his place in our world.


Author Interview:

Questions about the book:

1. Where did you get the inspiration for the basis of this novel?

I guess the concept had been brewing inside me for many years and eventually spilled out as part of my own rebellion. That is, the concept of duty Vs love is one of the largest wars we fight in our everyday life. That is, to do what is expected of you versus what you love and makes you happy. Ultimately, the book and trilogy will be about finding that balance where everything fits perfectly and we can be productive and have purpose while not losing touch with who we are as humans and the need to love. Of course all this was ultimately plastered into a story I enjoyed making, incorporating every possible element that has affected my childhood and teenage years. Aliens, vampires, unrequitted love, theater, werewolves, mystery and my favorite being twists and taking the reader or viewer on a roller-coaster ride.

2. Who was your favorite character to create?

All characters are special to me and every one of them is based on certain aspects of my life and subconscious. Even though I would want to say Adam is my favorite as he is a portrayal of my own internal conflicts over the years, I have to say that Harry was the most intriquing and had the most depth and impact due to his condition.

3. How long did it take you to finish? Did you have any unexpected obstacles arise?

It took so long! My whole life I dreamed of being a writer (Love?) but got sucked into life's expectations becoming an accountant and working in finance (duty?). Day in and say out I worked to satisfy client expectatons, to satisfy my bosses, to keep my teams inspired and motivated. And then one day at the office I thought..."What about Nick?" What about my dream? And so Nick Dream was born! Every night after work I would write about 1,000 words and post them onto Wattpad aiming to release a chapter a week. After a few weeks I started getting comments and followers on the chapters so immediately I was accountable to these amazing readers that had embraced my new universe. More duty?More expectations? Maybe...but this was something I loved. After about one year at the end of 2016 the story was completed and got over 300 thousand reads in Wattpad. I was so delighted and thankful. In 2017 I got sucked into life again until around November when major changes happened in my life and like Adam, I had to decide what I was going to do. Whether I was goint to stay true to Nick's Dream or let it sink. I had made a New Year's resolution at the end of 2016 when my book was finished on Wattpad. I wanted to publish it. And here I was on Christmas day 2017 having failed to do so. That was when I woke up. Just like Adam in the book. I sat down and looked at the editorial notes my editor had sent me in March. I read them. I went through the whole book again, adding chapters and twists and expanding the story. It was such a beautiful rush and experience and on 30 December 2017 I was pressing the PUBLISH button on Amazon. 

4.  Did you have to cut out any material?

On the contrary, I added material. Following the first reviews, I saw that readers wanted more insight and depth into the characters and story. I understood this even though I wanted it to unfold over the course of all three books. So I added more chapters and lengthened the understanding and motives of each character. The book was published at 43,000 words in December 2017 and by February 2018 had been updated to 54,000. I am very happy with the result and have finally stopped adding to it. An amazing voice actor called Joseph Stephenson is currently producing the audio version of the book which we expect to release in mid-March so I had to stop changing things for him to work!lol

5. How many unpublished/half finished works do you have? Do you have anything going to be published soon?

I am working on Endohuman II and Endohuman III which I expect to release in 2018 (probably in the summer and Christmas). I also have an unpublished book of short stories which end in a twist. I work on that as a break from Endohuman so that could be released earlier. I love what I do and also crave to interact with my readers and listen to their views and how they perceive the stories. My books are like living organisms and they feed on the reaction of readers. The Endohuman story evolved and changed quite a bit from the feedback received on Wattpad and then Amazon and I am really happy for that.

6. I liked the twist on the Adam and Eve story, did you do that intentionally?

No, but if I did I wouldn't tell you. It's not as if everything is destined to be as is. Or is it?

7. Are you going to write a sequel to Endohuman? Is it going to be a series?

Yes. Currently working on the two sequels ENDOHUMAN: Man Vs Gods and ENDOHUMAN: Life Vs Death.

Personal questions

1.  When did you know that you wanted to write?

It was never a realisation. I'd say it was a natural instinct. I guess I always knew and always loved to read. All it takes is a pen and paper and to let your boundaries and walls fall.

2. How much time/day do you spend writing?

I work about 12 hours a day in my full-time job so I aim on writing for 2-3 hours after that and usually on weekends at a lovely little book cafe called The Weaving Mill in Nicosia, Cyprus, Europe (I attach a picture!) where magic happens. I love that place and get become engulfed for 15 hours non-stop writing with my coffees, teas and then some wine!

3. Who's your favorite author? What's your favorite book?

So many authors I like! Ray Bradbury is a major influence from the sci-fi and twists and turns aspect of my writing. I also enjoy Stephen King and have grown up reading his novels under my bedsheets with a flashlight. I also love J.K Rowling and was one of the earlier potter fans before it even became a movie idea. I admit to also enjoying romantic Young Adult fiction from newer writers such as Stephanie Meyer and Bella Forrest. Also love the mysteries of Dan Brown and how everything fits together like a puzzle in the end. But I try to move away from each writers cliches and do my own thing which is quite different in that it is so hard to see what genre I am doing!

4. What's your favorite favorite color and why?

I like purple. Never understood why. Perhaps it is the tranquility it conveys to me created by the transition from blue to black. From day to night. At that perfect momwnt when the sun is just about to set. It reminds me of closing my eyes and breathing in life while a gentle spring breeze dances around my nostril and caresses my hair.

5. What do you do to get yourself in the creative mood to write?

I play cinematic, instrumental movie music matching the scene I am about to write. E.g. I might search spotify for inspiring cinematic music playlist just before my character is about to set off on his quest or sad music when I am writing a funeral scene. It always gets me in the mood. I also like writing my scenes as if they are a movie. I don't like too many words but definitely enough to paint the scene and background for my readers so that they can see the scene play out in front of them. As if I have created a new world and teleported us in together. That drives me to create and makes me happy.

6. Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

Definitely coffee!!!!!! A lot of it!


Author Bio:

Nick was born in London but now lives in Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated from Lancaster University in the UK with a BA in Accounting and Finance with a focus on banking and financial services. 
Despite being an accountant, in his free time he loves reading, watching science fiction movies and spending quality time with his family as well as writing poetry, short science fiction stories and children's books. 
In March 2014 he was admitted as a Member of Torr, one of the world's most selective high IQ societies. Torr is a modern micro social network intended to stimulate original ideas, awaken and develop talent throughout the world, provide fellowship, and ensure a better appreciation of the arts and sciences. 
Endohuman began life on Wattpad, where it climbed to the Global Top 10 Paranormal Romance Stories for its original, multifaceted and highly entertaining plot. Critics comment that even though the style of the book is Young Adult Fiction, the love story spans a multitude of genres including paranormal, suspense, romance, mystery, werewolf, vampire, sci fi, action and adventure. Nick likes to play with multiple twists in the story clearly influenced by his favorite author, Ray Bradbury, and creates a memorable protagonist in Adam, with a storyline that could go, frankly, anywhere! 
Nick is currently working on the second and third installments of the Endohuman trilogy.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Murder To Die For

Book Blurb:

How do you solve a murder when hundreds of wannabe detectives all have the same goal?

Every year, fans from all over the world descend upon a tiny picturesque English village to celebrate the life of the enigmatic author Agnes Crabbe and her fictional lady detective, Miss Millicent Cutter.

Crabbe fans are quite obsessive; the majority turn up to the festival dressed as Miss Cutter and spats between rival fan clubs are not uncommon. But when one of the most prominent superfans is murdered on the first day of the festival, the police find themselves trying to solve a crime in which the victim, witnesses, almost everyone in the village, and even the murderer, are all dressed as Miss Cutter. And most of them are also trying to solve the murder …

In this darkly comic farce, the worlds of classic detective fiction and real-life homicide investigation come crashing together with hilarious and occasionally messy results.

Goodreads: A Murder to Die For

Facebook Page: A Murder To Die For

Book Review:

Growing up, my mom had this blue cabinet in our living, and she kept all of her favorite books in it. She had massive collection of Agatha Christie novels. They had the black leather covers and smelled wonderfully of old ink and paper. You know the smell, the one where you just want to hold the book and even if you don't read it, it still makes you happy. That's how I fell in love with mysteries.

When Stevyn Colgan was looking for readers to review his book, I jumped at the chance. Boy, am I glad did!

*A Murder To Die For* by Stevyn Colgan was absolutely wonderful. It is set in England in a quaint little town. The town's only claim to fame is author, Agnes Crabbe. Each year the town puts a festival for her. It's usually a fun time, but this year a murder happens right before the keynote speaker's talk. It causes mayhem to erupt. Will the local law enforcement be able to catch the murder before he strikes again? You will have to read the book to find out!

I loved this book. The author did a wonderful job casting the characters. They all have very British names. As an American, I had write them down to keep everyone straight, but that is probably just my problem. The characters were vibrant and stayed true to their roles throughout the story.

The story has several small plots along with main plot. It was fun to see how they worked together to give the story depth. Plus, the author had all the plots wrapped up by the end. I like that. The story itself was humorous.  I laughed out loud several times while reading it. My husband kept asking what's so funny? 

Besides just the story being fun, I think the author had fun breaking all the rules of mystery writers. So needless to say, it had some unexpected events.

I really enjoyed this book. I hope you give it a try!


Thank you to the author for this book in exchange of my honest opinion

Friday, February 16, 2018

Twisted Locke by Victoria Ashley and Jenika Snow

          πŸ–€❤πŸ–€ Twisted Locke πŸ–€❤πŸ–€
     By Victoria Ashley and Jenika Snow

Amazon link: Twisted Locke
Goodreads: Twisted Locke

Release Info

Author's Website:




Those three words describe us Locke brothers to the motherfucking T.

We were wronged by the ones who were supposed to protect us. The ones who were supposed to love us … to show us how to love.

It doesn’t matter though. ‘Cause we taught ourselves how to love in the best way we know how. When it comes to giving our heart away, we do it with everything in us. We may be dangerous sons of bitches, but we love hard as shit.

Melissa doesn’t quite get that yet. But she will.

She got dragged into our fucked-up world, afraid and unsure of us.

Well, I’m about to change that. 

I’m going to twist her up and shake the fucking innocence in her.

And by the time I’m through with her, she’s going to be my beautiful, twisted angel.

She’ll be mine and I’ll be hers.

I’ll make damned sure of that.


I was pulled into the Locke life when my roommate got involved with one of the dangerous brothers. 

I should have left, should have minded my own business, but the attraction I feel for Ace is stronger than I can ignore.

I can feel the way he watches me. The ownership I feel from him, the possessiveness and obsession, lets me know he wants me too.

But common sense tells me I don’t want this in my life, don’t want to let a Locke brother mark me as his.

But that reality isn’t what my heart wants, isn’t what my body craves. Truth is I want to have Ace claim me, want his hands on me, his dominance showing me that all I want is to submit.

We may not lead the same lives, and he may have darkness in him, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, but for once in my life I want to skirt with that danger.
I want to forget everything else and just let Ace own every single part of me.

And I have a feeling he won’t stop until he does.

Book Review: 

Disclaimer: I have not read the previous two books in the series.

I have conflicting  feelings about *Twisted Locke*. It's about a good girl, Melissa, trying to avoid bad boy, Ace, while he wants her.

I was excited to start reading this story. The characters were very colorful. I appreciated how they alternated between Melissa's and Ace's viewpoints. I felt like I got to know each character personally. They definitely spent more time developing Ace's person. He is THE bad boy. He curses, he smokes, and he hurts people. But, he only attacks people who the law can't touch. He has a good streak deep, deep, deep down. As a reader, it was hard not to like him even when I was appalled by his actions. I felt lukewarm to Melissa. She was so passive I had a hard time respecting her.

This story had a lot of violence and aggressive sex scenes. The authors did not skimp on the details. If you are looking for a great romance, this is not it. If you like domineering, animalistic sex scenes, you'll like this book. The book itself is short. I spent one evening reading it, so it's not a huge comitment.

Unfortunately like a mediocre first date, this book fell short for me. The plot was sketchy at best with the climax being weak or perhaps not there at all. I had questions about the backstory that never where answered. I felt disappointed when I got to the end and not much had happened.

Overall, this is not my kind of book. But that doesn't mean you won't like it. After all, lots of people like 50 Shades of Grey.

Thank you to the authors for giving me an ARC in exchange for my honest review.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bloom Cover Release



Given to The Grimm Order as an infant, Fawn was raised in a world shaped by the rich and powerful. When she was sold at the age of nine to a Suitor, Fawn believed he would protect her from the “Mainworld”, where those who know nothing about the Order live. Living with the cruel man who bought her freedom, she finds just what the Order is about: money, control, and status for the Owner and humiliation and abuse for those they own. 

Unwilling to accept the expectations of being Owned, Fawn goes from golden girl to maid, content to live in the shadows of the Order as long as she isn’t Owned again.

It's been ten years since she disgraced her former Owner’s name, and now the brooding Frenchman Elliot Lyon wants her. Master Lyon is kind, smart, and unlike any man she’s met. She doesn’t want to admit it to herself, but Fawn is drawn to him despite constantly planning her next escape. 

Even the prettiest flowers have thorns, and Master Lyon is hiding secrets that will uproot everything she thinks she knows about him.

Preorder link: Amazon pre order Bloom 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chasing Ordinary by Pandora Spocks

❤❤❤❤ NEW RELEASE!!!❤❤❤❤

Description from Amazon:

Red-haired Petey Cavanaugh is a sculptor who welds steel and glass creations. A young widow, she lives on her in-laws’ sheep ranch in Montana where she helps out during the day, working on her art at night.

Looking to raise money to expand the ranch’s business, she gratefully accepts her art school roommate’s offer of a gallery show in Manhattan. It’s been years since she was in the city, and she’s happy to visit her old friend.

Nik is in New York on business. He’s been traveling for nearly a month, enduring endless meetings, attending obligatory dinners, and battling jet-lag. On his way to yet another business dinner, his world collides with Petey's one rainy Manhattan night.

Their mutual attraction is immediate, but Nik’s skeptical. Could it possibly be that this gorgeous, enchanting artist has no idea that he’s Europe’s most eligible prince?

Spending time with Petey is Nik’s first-ever taste of ordinary. What will happen when she finds out the truth?

**Book Review**

This book is being released just in time for Valentine's Day,  and it is perfect to read ti get into the mood for the day of romance. πŸ˜—

This is a sweet romance story of how a prince falls in love with an ordinary girl. Who doesn't like stories like that?

I enjoyed the characters. The girl is likeable and relatable. She comes a cross as someone everyone likes to be around. The prince is portrayed as perfect boyfriend material. He is thoughtful and sensitive with a little bit of wildness from his party days.  I also appreciated that she kept a small cast of characters. There was a couple smaller plots weaved into the main plot, and with A limited cast, it was easy to follow along.

The plot itself was well done. It is easy to read, and it kept me glued to my Kindle. Overall, I felt happy when I had finished. Who doesn't like a book that makes them feel good?

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Goodreads: Chasing Ordinary
Follow the author of Facebook @ Pandora Spocks

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Everlasting by WJ May

*Everlasting* is the second book in WJ May's The Queen's Alpha series. And oh how I love this series!
Tank likes the book too!

Katerina is the rightful person to inherit the throne, but her brother murders their father. Katerina runs away to escape her brother. She seeks help from a ranger, a shape shifter, and a fae to help her get to safety. That's in the first book, *Eternal*.

On to *Everlasting*, the four of them become friends as they try to get Katerina somewhere safe. Yet, it seems like something or someone is making their journey difficult. The adventures keep escalating in danger. If that's not enough, Katerina is developing feelings for a friend. Does he share these feelings, or is this just a young woman with her first crush?

What I love about this series is WJ May's writing style. She creates a world so vivid it just sucked me in. Literally,  I stayed up all night reading! I picture the setting to look like Narnia with all the beautiful scenery and rough terrian.

The characters are lovable, and I really feel for Katerina with fleeing the castle and discovering magic. I can't decide which character is the my favorite. While Katerina is the sheltered princess, she is not whiny or demanding. She grows to resilient yet still keeps her heart of gold. The ranger, Dylan, is resourceful,  protective, and I might have a crush on him. Tonya is the shape shifter, and she is independent and cheeky. The fae, Cass, is reserved. In *Eternal*, the author finally gets him to open up a little. She leaves just enough mystery that I am looking forward to the third book!

I rate this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

If you are looking for a fast paced,  quick read paranormal romance, this it. But I would recommend starting with the first book.

Find the author at: Facebook page of WJ May

Find series at:
Amazon: Eternal  Everlasting
Goodreads: Everlasting

Friday, February 9, 2018

Early Release Date!


Twisted Locke is finally LIVE! Hurry and #oneclick to get your hands on the twisted brother!

Books 1 & 2 are still only 99 cents for a limited time!

Damaged Locke (book 1):
Savage Locke (books 2):


Stay tuned for book review later this week!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Review: Sparrow Squadron

*Sparrow Squadron* by DL Jung

This book is phenomenal.  For his debut novel, DL Jung did a great job!

*Sparrow Squadron* is about a young Russian woman's journey during WWII. The book is a work of fiction, yet the author based it off of real happenings on the Eastern front. Before the war, Aelya was a flight instuctor. She decided to join the air force after one of her students was killed in combat. Story goes onto describe her trials as she completes training to flying defence to being a fighter pilot.

At first, I didn't care for Aelya. I felt that she was too idealistic, and she looked at her life as a Communist through rose tinted glasses. My feelings changed as the story progresses. Aelya matures as events unfold, and by the end I was rooting for her. The author seamlessly wove together her physical trials and her emotional growth. Using Aelya as an example, he highlighted the unfair double standard that the women in WWII were up against.

Overall, this is an excellent story. I would highly recommend if you like stories with a unlikely heroine and plenty of danger.

Thank you to the author for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Check it out on Amazon: Sparrow Squadron


Book Review: Until We Kissed by Heather B. Moore

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